How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) Works

CBT-I helps you understand your body’s sleep regulation systems and how they became disrupted.


It breaks the vicious cycle of not being able to sleep, which can create an ongoing state of anxiety, depression, and fear that you’ll never be able to sleep again.


Some people even experience this loss of control as traumatizing.

Most importantly, CBT-I empowers you with the knowledge, tools and strategies to repair and strengthen your sleep regulation systems.


This helps you get your sleep back and avoid any future short-term bouts of insomnia from becoming a long-term problem.

Reclaim your life from Insomnia

If you're like most of my clients, you're desperate to get relief from insomnia:

It feels like you've been robbed of your life.

Insomnia has damaged - perhaps destroyed - virtually every aspect of your life.


Your work or school performance has suffered.


Your relationships and family life have slid downhill.


You feel awful, physically and mentally.

Life is a struggle.


Almost Every. Single. Day.

You Can Change Your Life with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)!

The Gold Standard in Insomnia Treatment

CBT-I, has been found in research to be safer and longer-lasting than sleep medications, without the harmful side effects.


CBT-I emphasized a psycho-educational method that empowers you with knowledge about the causes of chronic insomnia and shows you how to overcome it.

Unlike most insomnia “cures”, CBT-I treats the actual CAUSES of insomnia, not just the symptoms.

Treating the cause of your insomnia helps you get lasting relief.


Some common symptoms of chronic insomnia, include: 


  • You can’t think straight - your memory, concentration, focus, and ability to learn are impaired.​

  • You're irritable.

  • You can't cope with stress.

  • You may have a hard time napping, despite the lack of sleep.

  • You feel exhausted all day, but as bedtime nears, you feel “wired but tired.”

  • You feel depressed or anxious, and wonder if it will ever end.


  • You have headaches or other physical symptoms.​

  • You're worried about the long-term impact of insomnia on your health.

  • You feel alone - no one understands what it's like when you can't sleep night after night.​

  • You've tried everything under the sun to try to sleep.​​

You Can Sleep Peacefully Again

Research shows that most people who complete CBT-I experience between 50%-100% improvement in their insomnia within a few weeks.


The only way you'll know if CBT-I works for you is to try it. You have nothing to lose and potentially a new life to gain.


If you want to get deep, restorative, quality sleep, contact me to get started.



I FINALLY Learned How to Get Deep Restorative Sleep

Being able to sleep has been life-changing for me. 


I understand how scared and defeated you feel because I've been where you are.


I sought help from therapists. I practiced all the recommended anti-anxiety and relaxation strategies.


I tried acupuncture.


I took medications, supplements.

I went from doctor to doctor looking for help.


Nothing worked. Or at least, not for long.

Finally, I tried CBT-I - It was the ONLY method that worked!


CBT-I is THE Best Solution for Insomnia

Imagine what your life can be like when you're able to sleep well again.


  • Imagine waking up in the morning feeling like a brand-new person!


  • With deep, quality sleep, wake up feeling:


  • Rested and energized

  • Able to function and participate fully in life

  • Healthier, physically and emotionally

  • Happier and more optimistic about your future

I understand you may be skeptical that CBT-I can help when nothing else has. But, most of my clients and I know it’s possible when you work with me on the CBT-I protocol.



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