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If you haven’t yet completed the self-assessment questions, please do so HERE.

Over the  period of several weeks (typically 5-8 sessions) with my CBT-I service, you’ll have the tools and strategies that can help you reverse the vicious cycle of insomnia - and start living your life to the fullest!


Do you have extended health benefits?

Many employee and student extended health benefits (for example, some Blue Cross, Sunlife, ManuLife, Great West Life, Greenshields and others) cover services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Check your health benefits plan to see if you may be reimbursed for this treatment. 

Did you know? 

Research finds the average cost of chronic insomnia is $5,000 per year per person.


Whether you have insurance coverage or not, I aim to make this the best investment of your life!

One time intake fee of $50.00 + GST applicable to all  therapy services, but not the digital program

on Effective natural Strategies for Chronic  Insomnia. 

PLEASE NOTE: Online program is available worldwide. Individual or group sessions for CBT-I are only available in the following provinces:

British Columbia | Saskatchewan | Manitoba | Newfoundland and Labrador | Yukon | Northwest Territories | Nunavut 

Why wait? Take my online program for only $ 149 and get started right away on recovering from Insomnia! 

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