Frequently asked questions

What is CBT-I?

CBT-I is a safe, long-lasting, drug-free, and research-based treatment help people overcome chronic insomnia.

It consists of techniques to address the factors that can disrupt sleep regulation systems and cause and reinforce inefficient sleep patterns.

CBT-I empowers you with the knowledge you need to improve your quality of sleep.

How does CBT-I work?

CBT-I helps you understand your body’s sleep regulation systems and how they became disrupted.

It breaks the vicious cycle of not being able to sleep, which can create an ongoing state of anxiety, depression, and fear that you’ll never be able to sleep again. Some people even experience this loss of control as traumatizing.

Most importantly, CBT-I empowers you with the knowledge, tools and strategies to repair and strengthen your sleep regulation systems. This helps you get your sleep back and avoid any future short-term bouts of insomnia from becoming a long-term problem.

Once you’re able to sleep soundly again, you may find that insomnia-related anxiety, depression, and fears disappear entirely.

Why is CBT-I so effective in overcoming sleep problems?

CBT-I is the ONLY evidence-based treatment method for insomnia.

Unlike most insomnia “cures”, CBT-I treats the actual causes of chronic insomnia, not just the symptoms.

Most other insomnia strategies are like wild goose chases as they generally are short-term band-aid “solutions”.

Because it treats the CAUSES, CBT-I brings safe, long-lasting results.

Research shows that most people who complete CBT-I can expect anywhere from a 50% to 100% improvement in their sleep.

How much does it cost?

I WANT THIS TO BE THE BEST INVESTMENT OF YOUR LIFE! Individual CBT-I session: 60-minutes 60 minute session is $204.00 (+ GST). Please note that most people do best with 5 to 8 sessions. There is an additional one-time intake and assessment fee of $40. (Please add 5% GST to the above). Individual CBT-I session: 75-minutes 75-minute sessions are $255.00 (+ GST). (Please add 5% GST to the above). Affordable 6-weekly group program The program is 6 sessions and regular fees will be $85/session, plus an additional one-time $40 intake fee. Click here to learn more. IMPORTANT NOTE: CHECK YOUR EXTENDED HEALTH BENEFITS More and more employee and student health care plans (for example, some Blue Cross, Sunlife, ManuLife, Great West Life, Greenshields and others) are providing coverage for the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). This is between you and your extended health plan, so you may wish to confirm with them that they cover services from a Registered Clinical Counsellor, as you’ll need to pay for the counselling session yourself and then request reimbursement from them.

What are the benefits of completing CBT-I?

People who complete CBT-I report:

  • Falling asleep faster
  • Sleeping more deeply and soundly
  • Sleeping more efficiently
  • Spending less time awake in the night [Yes, say goodbye to tossing and turning in bed!]
  • Having less anxiety and dread at bedtime
  • Feeling less fatigues
  • Feeling more rested energetic and productive
  • And most important of all: Improved quality of life!

How soon will I see results?

Unlike most insomnia “cures”, CBT-I treats the actual causes of insomnia, not just the symptoms.

  • In as little as 5 sessions, you can have the tools you need to help overcome insomnia.
  • Most people start having deeper, more restorative sleep (for a significant part of the night) in a surprisingly short time.
  • Usually within a few weeks, and sometimes just a few days.
CBT-I is a “[a] treatment that in a few weeks achieves efficacy comparable with that of sedative hypnotics [sleeping pills] and over the long term achieves greater satisfaction.” ~ American Medical Association

What does the research say?

CBT-I is well-established in research and is thus recommended as the first line of treatment for insomnia by reputable organizations, such as the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the British Association of Psychopharmacology and the American College of Physicians.