Effective Natural Strategies for Chronic Insomnia

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Self-paced online course 

In this self-pace online course, you will Learn:

  • What causes insomnia to become a long-term problem – and how to disrupt the vicious cycle.


  • How to retrain your brain for better, deeper, quality, restorative sleep.


  • Recovering from that tired but wired feeling.


  • Fatigue management strategies to help you get through the bad days.


  • How to stop dreading your bed and turn it back into a cozy nest.

  • How to take advantage of the brain’s natural sleeping chemical.


Yes! Our brains literally produce a natural chemical to help us sleep.

It breaks my heart every time I have to tell someone I have a wait list – or every time I talk to someone who can’t afford individual sessions of CBT-I. I know what a struggle life can be without good sleep. Believe me. I’ve been there. I wasted years of my life to insomnia.


But for me, finally, learning the strategies of CBT-I were life-changing – as they have been for so many of my clients. And now, my passion in life is sharing invaluable information with people who are suffering needlessly from insomnia. So, I’m working hard right now to launch an affordable self-paced online course.


For a little more than the cost of just one individual CBT-I session, you can learn virtually all the information I share in the full program. You will also have downloadable tools to keep.


Naturally, one-on-one CBT-I sessions and support are considered the gold standard and are recommended as the #1 treatment for chronic insomnia. But if you’re sick and tired of tossing and turning at night and feel ready and motivated to work through some of the most important strategies on your own, take my online course and get started right away.


Not only will you learn some of the most effective techniques for overcoming insomnia, but the additional tips and tools I’ve found over the years that help people succeed in getting better quality sleep.

Quick self-assessment 

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(Please note that while these strategies are designed  especially for people who have trouble sleeping at least 3 nights/week for at least 3 months, people with shorter term sleep issues may also learn important information and help avoid the problem becoming a long-term problem).

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