Affordable Group Sessions 

1 hr (6 sessions) + $40.00 intake fee (+ GST) 

6 SUNDAYS MARCH 7 - APRIL 11, 2021

3:00 - 4:15 PM

Upon acceptance into the group, we’ll meet via Zoom for 6 Sundays, March 7 to April 11 from 3:00 to 4:15 pm.


What are the benefits of group CBT-I? 

  • Group CBT-I is a much more affordable and accessible option for many people wanting to get started on improving their sleep as soon as possible.


  • While individual one-on-one CBT-I is considered the first choice – the “gold standard” – in treatment for chronic insomnia, research supports group CBT-I as the next recommended option. For example, one recent study found that people who had completed group CBT-I were still experiencing significantly better sleep up to 10 years later, even more so than those who re-used sleep medication. 

  • There will be an opportunity throughout the 6 weeks for Questions & Answers – and you’ll likely find that many questions apply to most people in the group. Because groups mean somewhat less opportunity for individual questions, support and troubleshooting, much will depend on your motivation to follow through. So, if you’re sick and tired of living with insomnia and are committed to taking advantage of these evidence-based strategies shared during the 6-week group program, this option may be for you! 

  • One of the great benefits of the CBT-I groups is getting to meet and connect with others living with the same life challenge as you. Most people with chronic insomnia feel isolated and alone with this experience (especially during COVID!) and find that few people in their lives truly get it.


  • A common comment from group members is what a relief it is to meet and connect with others facing the same struggle. While learning and practicing the evidence-based strategies of CBT-I, you’ll also have the opportunity (if you wish) to share experiences and things you’ve found helpful; support each other through the hard times; and celebrate the victories. 

How long is each session?

  • 60 - 75 minutes, with a 5-minute break (to avoid computer eye strain). 


What is the cost?

Fees for this 6-week program are $510 ($85/week) + GST, payable in advance by Feb 19, 2021. There is also a one-time $42 intake and application fee (to ensure there is no obvious reason why the group process may not be suitable for you). 

What will we be covering in the program?

  • There is an online intake questionnaire for you to complete, where you will share with (only) me your experiences and history of sleep and insomnia. It’s a great source of information to help pinpoint some of the most important strategies for you to start recovering from insomnia. 

  • Starting 2 weeks before our first meeting – and for the entire 6 weeks, you’ll be recording in a sleep diary app each morning and evening to help highlight areas for improvement and to track your progress. It usually takes just a few minutes each day. 

  • You will learn how the sleep regulation systems become disrupted and what causes chronic insomnia to become a long-term vicious cycle. (Hint: it’s not all in your head!)

  • More importantly, you will learn the best, evidence-based strategies to repair your sleep regulation systems and retrain your brain for better sleep. This knowledge can go a long way to reducing sleep-related anxiety.


Please be sure you have privacy for each meeting, not only for your sake, but for all group members as well.

Let’s have a brief chat in case you still have questions and to give us a chance to see if this seems a good fit for you. Please phone me asap at 604-771-4444 for a free 10-min phone consultation.