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Insomnia Help Canada is excited to be partnering with ChiliSleep,

makers of the ChiliPad Sleep Systems and Weighted ChiliBlanket


Better body temperature regulation for better sleep.


If you struggle with any of the following, ChiliSleep’s cooling and warming products may give you the relief you need for improved quality of sleep:


  • Menopausal or perimenopausal hot flashes

  • PTSD (ChiliSleep products have recently been approved by the US Veteran’s Affairs as a medical device to improve sleep in military veterans with PTSD)

  • Insomnia

  • Hot flashes after chemotherapy for cancer

  • Hot flashes following hysterectomy or some hormonal treatments

  • Physical injuries or other discomfort that benefit from warming or cooling during the night


Or if you simply want to enjoy the luxury and comfort of staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Whether you’re currently using air conditioning, fans or nothing, use the PROMO CODES below and take advantage of ChiliSleep’s 30-day sleep trial to see how regulating overnight body temperature may help improve your quality of sleep for better daytime energy.


Don’t wait for the next heat wave. Take advantage of the following PROMO CODES for these luxury warming/cooling products designed for overnight relief and better sleep:


Chilipad20 (20% off a full chiliPAD sleep system)


OOLER15 (15% off a full OOLER sleep system)


chiliBLANKET10 (10% off a full chiliBLANKET weighted blanket sleep system)

DOCKPRO10 (10% off latest, coolest product)

Note: prices in U.S. dollars.

•    The brand new Dock Pro cools you at night, offering double the cold power compared to previous models. 

•    The Dock Pro gets your bed cold FAST and keeps it your preferred temperature all night long. 

•    You can schedule it to cool your bed temp when you want throughout the night 

•    Warm to wake feature 

•    Dual temperature zones

Use promo code DOCKPRO10 for 10% discount.


"I used to wake up throughout the night & be pouring in sweat. I'm amazed how much the OOLER has helped me. I quite literally use it everyday, going on 1 year now, and I'm actually sleeping and feeling better than ever."

- Carl, Verified Buyer, Yotpo Reviewer


"I wish I had this when I was pregnant with my six kids! You get so hot and then you’re cold — all the ups-and-downs and postpartum when you’re sweating nonstop."

- Katie Wells, Award-winning Blogger, Author, and Podcaster

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"@bubbawallace When you forget to set your sleep schedule but your best friend knows your #OOLER temperature so you can still catch the cool zzz’s -- the perks of being a #ChiliSleeper."

- Bubba Wallace, Professional Racing Driver

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The brand new Dock Pro cools you at night, offering double the cold power compared to the other models.

Use promo code DOCKPRO10 for 10% discount.